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We Specialize in the Following Areas:

Creating Truly Passive Income

Become the Best Landlord You Can Be!



How to Scale Your Rental Property Business

Ways to Invest in Property with Little Money Down

How to Generate Cash Flow without the Hassle of Dealing with Your Rental Property

Our Mission: Educate Landlords and Property Owners so They Can Make as Much Passive Income as Possible!


Investing in real estate can be one of the most lucrative things you can do to grow your money and make cash flow! The pros can certainly outweigh the cons of being a landlord, but often times investors might not necessarily know how what they are getting in to. We help you navigate the ever growing market, changing tenant laws, tips for up keeping your properties, and ways you can generate passive income without even worrying about your properties. We help educate you by providing all of the successful tools that you need to get out of the home you dread and into the home that you love!


As professional real estate educators our job is to make your life easier. Because we have a deep understanding of how the market works, we have the flexibility to offer you multiple solutions to your real estate problems.


We have exit strategies that match your needs and your budget. We will work with your personal situation to create the best scenario for you and your loved ones. We can help you with a variety of information pertaining to property management, creative financing, credit, and home repairs and we can help you find your ideal home regardless of your bankability and experience.

Creating Truly Passive Income

Most people want to invest in real estate to get out of the rat race. They think becoming a landlord will fast track their wealth and create passive income. Unfortunately, investing in real estate is a full time job itself. We help educate you on landlord headaches and ways to navigate them. But more importantly we help give you the tools to truly create passive income and go above and beyond being just a landlord.

Become the Best Landlord

You Can Be!

When your tenants respect you and your property is well maintained, your job as a landlord can become easy and enjoyable. We have been in the investor world for years and have seen what it takes to truly become a great landlord so you can rake in the cash with little to no stress that accompanies owning rental properties. We can educate you on different ways we have seen that can make you the best landlord you can be!

Navigating Tenants

Navigating tenants is just a factor that you will have to maintain as a landlord. We can help you deal with the stress and unexpected events a tenant may bring up while renting your property. We help educate you on tenant laws and ways you can take back control on your rental property. Selling your home can be outright daunting.

How to Scale Your

Rental Property Business

Are you wondering how you can scale your rental properties from just a few rentals to having a massive portfolio? We can help pour gas on your momentum and help you achieve your goals in record time. We can even educate you on creative financing and ways you can use other people’s money to fund your deals.

Ways to Invest in Rental Properties with Little Money Down

Did you know that you don’t have to buy rental properties with a convention loan? You don’t even need to take out a loan! We can help you scale your portfolio through creative financing deals where you might not even have to put any money down! The possibilities are endless when understanding how to create win win situations to grow your portfolio.

How to Generate Cash Flow without the Hassle of Dealing with Your Rental Property

If you are tired of dealing with tenants and keeping up your property, we can help you generate cash flow without even having to deal with your rental property anymore. Keep receiving that monthly check, but now you don’t need to control your property. We can help you navigate the seller financing realm so you can keep receiving the best part about being a landlord (the cash) and get rid of the worst part of being a landlord (the problems)

Sell A House Without A Realtor

Let’s face it: realtor fees & commissions are thousands of dollars. Yeah, you might sell your house for “top dollar,” but after those pesky fees, commissions, closing costs, seller’s concessions and whatever else pops up, you’re probably out quite a bit of cash.

Was It worth it? All that time, energy and effort… was it worth it? Well, when you sell your house to T3 Family Foundation INC, you’re not left with an open-ended question of “was it worth it?” When you sell your house to us here at T3 Family Foundation INC, you don’t need a realtor! We pay cash for houses in Mississauga ON & all surrounding areas, and you never pay real estate agent fees or commissions! Give us a call today at (704) 327-2120!


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We’re experienced real estate professionals who help people like you overcome the confusing aspects that are associated with real estate. We are here to educate and empower you to make the right decisions and will guide you with knowledge to give you the best outcome possible.

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